09 März 2015

Keywest in Belfast ♥


Since Jess and Ciara convinced me to go to this concert aswell in December I wished for the day to finally arrive. We arrived at Mandela Hall in Belfast at about 2pm and - of course - were the first one in front of the venue. 7 people. While we were talking we suddenly were joined by Kav and Jimi who seemed really surprised to see us queing that early. But we wanted to stand in the front row, so we decided this was necessary. 
At 4pm the barriers were put up in front of the venue by two Security guys and we had to wait behind them. By the way, it still was just the 7 of us! Nevertheless it was great fun waiting as one of the girls was talking like non-stop and just before the doors finally opened she and one of the Security guys were "Bff's".

l.t.r: Sarah, Jess, Danni, Ciara, Me, Clare, Melissa
Inside the venue we got our preferred spots and the waiting began again. The first band to play were "Replica" and I have to admit I didn't like their music when I had a listen to them at home, but live they were really good. Second support act were "The Crossfire" which I liked pretty much. Then - finally - we just had to wait a few more minutes until Keywest hit the stage.

At the beginnig Kav had some trouble with his microphone so he had to borrow Jimi's. It was a brilliant decision to start the show with "Electric Love". An uptempo song at the beginnig to heat up the venue from the start. Followed shortly by their new Single "All my mistakes" which was really amazing! Songs like "On this train", "Never loved you anyway" and "Road to damnation" were followed by some covers such as "4, 5 seconds" from Rihanna and "Budapest" from George Ezra. The final song was "All my mistakes" again just so everybody could leave the venue with this fantastic song stuck in their heads. 
Kav really seemed to enjoy himself that night and he was telling a funny and interesting stories before some of the songs. My favourite thing was when he said, women were much angrier than men when it comes to the song "I never loved you anyway" as they are really into the line. 

His expression ♥ Pure love!
Smiling Kav, one of my favourite things ♥
After the concert I went out because I wanted to buy myself a T-Shirt and as I wanted to get back to the stage the Security guy standing there didn't let me in again for some minutes because everybody had to leave the venue shortly. After a while he seemed to feel sad for me and I finally could go back in again. By that time I already missed Jimi and Sam but was really lucky to catch Glover. A hug later he signed a picture in my newest Scrapbook and I got the nicest message ever ♥

After that I asked Harry, who came out with Glover, for a small message aswell: 

Pictures with Glover, one with Glover and Harry and finally Kav followed. Kav was even forced by Jess to smile as he didn't do it by himself. He actually hates smiling on pictures, though this time I really enjoyed the "grumpy"-Kav picture, as it was a different grumpy than usual. A kinda drunk grumpy.

Harry ♥
Harry & Glover - guess who I prefer ;) ♥
"Grumpy" Kav ♥
Fact is: although I didn't get the chance to talk to Sam - first time ever! - and we were just able to spend a really short time with the lads after the concert it was a fantastic night. It's always a pleasure attending a Keywest concert and I'm really looking forward to more concerts this year - even if it means more travelling to Ireland to see them ♥ They're defenitely worth every cent!

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  1. Haben sie denn was gesagt, dass sie nochmal Konzerte geben dieses Jahr? :)

    Hast du übrigens sehr schön geschrieben! Bin immer noch traurig, dass ich nicht dabei sein konnte. :/