17 Dezember 2014

Keywest Weekend 2/2 ♥


After I already missed the band the moment I had to leave them behind on Grafton Street my excitement grew stronger and stronger the closer the weekend came. Vanessa already was in Dublin thursday noon and I can't describe how jealous I've been as she told me Keywest were on Grafton Street and she was able to see them while I was sitting at home preparing everything for my second flight. She phoned me to tell me she would call me again in a few minutes so I could talk to Glover on the phone and as she finally did and asked if I was ready the only thing I could say was "No". Actually she didn't care and I have to admit that my English was really bad during the call. At least I got to hear his voice and drove with even more excitement to the airport.

Early friday morning me and Vanessa took a bus to Galway. She had never been there and so we wanted to have a look around. At about 5pm we finally went to Roisin Dubh to wait for the venue to open. It was so damn cold! Luckily the owner of the pub allowed us to come in 15 minutes before he opened the pub so we could sit at the fire and have some Guinness. That's how it should be every time! 

When Jess and her niece Dawn arrived we still had to wait 2 more hours for the venue to open. Some drinks later we finally could go inside and I took my place in front of Glover. Unfortunately they had cut out some songs of the setlist and I really missed "Better man". Therefore they played "Straight through my heart" although they didn't plan to. One of my alltime favourite songs ♥ The highlight for me was when Kav took my mobile phone while he was singing "Feels so cruel" and filmed on stage. Quite funny when he filmed himself though.

This time it was really hard to meet the lads after the concert. A DJ was playing right after them so it was quite loud and it was so crowded you could hardly move around. Nevertheless I got pictures with Sam and Glover and sneaked into a picture Vanessa was taking with Jimi and Harry. Glover and me almost went blind because of the flash on my mobile phone...

Look at smiling Kav in the background ♥
Jess, Dawn and Glover tried to convince us to stay in Galway longer the next day as there was a slight chance for Keywest to be busking on Shop Street the next day. So we dismissed our bus the next day that we already paid for for a couple of hours more sleep and for seeing the band again. We got to see the band on Shop Street BUT it started raining like hell so they weren't busking. At least we were able to talk to them for about an hour without loud music in the background which was nice.

Getting closer to a picture with the whole band! ♥
Then it was time for us to leave for Limerick. Jess gave us a lift and it was a drive full of singing by her and Dawn. I slept so I didn't care to much.

Vanessa and me had the best hotel ever. We stayed in the Clarion Hotel, 11th floor, and we could see the venue from our window. This time we decided to go there a little later so we could enjoy the room a little longer but we were still the first to arrive. Jess and Dawn joined a little later and at about 7.30pm we went outside to wait at the door. 

This time the stage was even smaller then the one in Galway the day before and I already found that quite little. Better for us though as we were closer to the band. The support act was a girl named Jessica Smith and her voice is amazing! As she sang the first tune I directly liked her and she got better and better with each song. Especially "Rott Weilen" and "Closure" got stuck in my head. A really talented girl who hopefully will release a CD someday. Keywest were in a really good mood that evening. Joking around a lot and I luckily had Sam in front of me again! It's always so much fun joking around with him during the concert. The setlist was the same as the day before and this time my favourite song was "Road to damnation". Damn, Kav's moaning really got me! It sounded so real! One highlight of this concert was the moment Harry took his shirt off. Vanessa almost collapsed as he is her favourite.

After the concert a lot of people directly left and so we had a lot of chances to talk to everybody and get last hugs before our flights back to Germany the next day. It was a real pleasure talking to Kav as I haven't done it that often before but he can be such a nice guy ♥ 

Jimi ♥
Kav ♥ One of my fave pictures of us!
Harry ♥
Sam ♥
Glover ♥ (one of my least fave pics of us though...)
It was quite hard to leave the venue, but actually we were thrown out by a security guy because they wanted to close the room. Vanessa and me decided to go to the hotel because we had to get up really, really early the next morning.

I can't describe how I felt after we had left. Knowing I wouldn't see them for 2 1/2 months. I'm really glad Ciara and Jess convinced me to join them for the concert in Belfast in March so at least I'll defenitely be seeing them again next year.

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  1. Manchmal muss man dich ins kalte Wasser schmeißen... Ich erinnere dich "Hellooooooooooooooooo" xDxD