11 Dezember 2015

Keywest in London ♥ (English post only!)

Usually I only go to see Keywest in Ireland, but as they announced a concert in London on a saturday and I only paid 30€ for the flight alltogether I decided to go there. The venue was really small and there were only about a hundred people, but still it became so hot inside that not even the fan was helping to stop sweating! Of course I was in the front row (nothing else would be appropriate for Keywest concerts!)

The support act for this tour is a band called Scoops and they're so nice and talented! Their songs are catchy and the singer is so much fun. I even got to know their manager who is a lovely guy :)

It didn't took long until Keywest came on stage after Scoops had finished (I only had time to go to the toilet and get their EP) and as usual it was such an amazing show! I think that was probably the first night Kav wasn't drunk (or didn't get drunk during a concert) but still he forgot the words so often that my friend Jess had to help him out several times :D They played a lot of songs from their current album "Joyland" and I was really happy when they played my favourite song "This is heartbreak" ♥ They also played a song they never played live before ("Little awkward moments") and it was so great!! Can't wait to hear it some more times in December. My favourite moment was when they sang "Against all odds" and when the line Take a look at me now came up Glover directly looked into my eyes (I swear he did and I was so sure I recorded it on video but I was actually so hypnotized I only filmed Kav ;D) ♥ Best moment that night though!
I think the funniest part was when they decided to play "Never loved you anyway" as a special encore and Kav hardly knew any word and got it wrong all the way :D

That moment when everybody but you is blocked from sight for the stage group picture :D
Here's a video of the brilliant medley I recorded:

After the concert it was hard to meet any of the guys, but at least I managed to get Glover sign my phone case and got a picture with Harry (which got 18 likes on Facebook so far like no other of my Keywest pictures ever did!) who looked so handsome that night! (nothing compared to Glover though, haha!)

I'm so glad I can see them play 6 more times in December ♥ And although some may think it will be the same over and over again this is so not true! Every show is different and special in it's own way! 

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