15 Dezember 2015

Keywest in Cork & Limerick ♥ [English post only!]

And another two concerts are over. I can't believe I've only have four more concerts left until the tour is over for me. I actually don't want this amazing time to end! Especially as I'm not knowing when I'm seeing Keywest again. That already leaves me a little devastated. But for now I like to tell you about the concerts in Cork and Limerick I attended. 

I was really looking forward to the concert in Cork as their concert in the same venue last year had been so amazing. Fact is, I got quite drunk before the entry to the venue even started and I probably was completely embarrassing. My friend Shannon and I had a lot of fun with a busker named Dylan while Vanessa hold our spot in front of the venue and I even got his phone number - not that I will ever call him again, haha. 

Something I remember from the time we were watching him were a few guys who stood around for a while and one of them even started singing (which was actually quite amazing!) and when they left one of them told me I looked beautiful ♥ In front of the venue I then was talking to some Polish and French girls (I could only remember the French girl later, to be honest, that's how drunk I was!) and had a lot of fun. Then Kav came up to us and when Vanessa told me he was behind me I hit my head against the wall. Well... yeah :D Why not ^^ After that I decided not to drink any more alcohol that night! 

Inside the venue I got my spot between Kav and Glover, as usual. Just like in London Scoops where the support act and they are so damn good! How come I didn't liked them when I first listened to them? I'm so glad I finally got to really know them ♥ The picture shows Shannon and me with them after the concert. Such lovely guys and I can't wait to see them again for 2 or 3 times!

Of course the concert of Keywest itself was amazing as usual. Kav totally fucked up "Against all odds" this time, but as this is such a well-known song the audience just went on singing so he could join in again, haha. It's hilarious how often he forgets the lyrics even when he is sober! I started to become sober again aswell and could completely enjoy the concert. Of course we tried to get as many pictures with them after the concert as possible (that's when I thought I probably haven't been that sober again at all!). I FINALLY got a picture with their manager Mark and it was so funny when I asked him for the pictures as he was like "What do you want to take a picture of?" and I said "Us" and he seemed quite surprised about that. But the picture turned out really nice ♥

After that I felt brave (or stupid) enough to ask Harry for a picture where he kissed me on the cheek and luckily he agreed. I also asked Glover, but he didn't want to, so I only got a one-sided hug. Probably better than nothing ;) And especially the picture with Harry directly became one of my favourite pictures ever! And poor Glover was the only one who couldn't drink anything at all as he was the one who had to drive all the other lads back to Dublin that night.

After that I also got some pictures with Sam and Jimi - I don't have a clue where Kav went as I haven't seen him at all after the concert! 

Jimi ♥
Sam ♥
Jimi again ♥
This was an amazing night and I had a lot of fun with all my girls. Luckily I found some true friends through Keywest who I can count on even when I'm a mess like I was first that night. Can't wait to see all of them again for some of the other shows ♥

The next day was the concert in Limerick and I directly have to say that the concert itself was way better than the night before. That probably was because Kav was drinking this time - not getting drunk like he did last year, but he actually was drinking and he behaves different on stage then, talking a lot more and he really looks like he's enjoying himself a lot! While Vanessa and me were waiting in front of the doors - first like always - the lads were already passing us several times and especially Mark seemed a little worried that we would be the only ones there as it was already 7.30pm and doors were supposed to open at 8. He even told us that we would have a private gig than and could sit on stage with the lads, haha. I definitely wouldn't have mind that :D But in the end the venue was filled quite good.

The support act was a band named "Fallen Lights" I guess and they were okay, but I really missed Scoops :( Like every time I had my favourite spot. The only thing that bothered me a little was the height of the stage as you had to look up really much. And the girl next to me was screaming so loud I thought I'd become deaf. Like I already said, Keywest were really good and Kav was talking so, so much. My favourite part was when they played "Road to damnation" as this is such a good live song. 

Another highlight for me was when they were playing "All I want for Christmas". FINALLY a Christmas song! I was already wondering if they would do one at all this year. A fun thing was when Kav suddenly told the audience that one of my friends, who likes Glover as much as I do, would camp inside a bus in front of his house. Everybody knows she likes him, but that was really fun - well, for me at least as it wasn't me he was talking about. Far too soon the concert was over and we tried to get some more pictures with everybody. Luckily I was able to catch Kav this time. As his girlfriend was there, too, one had to be fast as he disappeared quite quickly again.

I also got another picture with Sam but he seemed so much smaller than the day before that I actually bent down a little as I didn't wanted to be taller than him :D

This time I especially had a lovely time with Glover as we talked for quite a while. I told him about my favourite songs on Fairground and he told me that he likes the title song of this album the most ♥ I also told him that I can't stand "Soldier On" in the slow version as I fell in love with the first version of this song that they had and showed him my tattoo again which he liked a lot. We also decided that I'm his secret girlfriend now and were laughing about the amount of girlfriends he has by now, haha. Maybe he should move to a country where it is okay to have a dozen of girlfriends at the same time ;) Like I said, we had an amazing time. My friend Jess even captured me while I was admiring him - at least that's how the picture looks like. I love when people take pictures of you without a warning ♥ It was also quite funny when we were standing around with Glover and two Spanish girls and they told him that they are their first Spanish fans and Vanessa said that we are the first German ones and Glover says with a little smirk "Well, I'm Irish." ♥

And last but not least I like to show you a stage picture Sam took where you can see me again. I'm really wondering if there will ever be such a picture where I look good!

I really had a blast on those two nights. I'm so curious about the next four shows because you never know what to expect on a Keywest concert as every show is different and you never know what Kav is going to do during the concert or which song he will fuck up. Of course I'll tell you when I'm back (and I hope at least somebody read that ;D)

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