10 September 2015

Fangirlying about Keywest ♥

ENGLISH POST ONLY! (and a long one!)

Today I will tell you about my two meetings with Keywest during my weekend trip. When I booked my flight I was already hoping to see them busk at least once due to the fact that they started to busk on Grafton Street regularly again. So when I took a stroll down Grafton Street on Saturday afternoon I wasn’t disappointed. I knew they were busking before I could even see them! You just have to recognize Kav’s voice! I didn’t stand in front of the crowd but nevertheless Sam directly saw me and mumbled “Sabrina Wolf is here”. To be honest he had a really strange thing going on with my last name that weekend because whenever we talked he called me by my full name. Because I arrived so late I was only able to listen to about 5 songs, but luckily Glover told me they would be busking again in Temple Bar later that day. It was so good to finally see and hug them again. Especially Glover always seems to be really happy to see me as he always hugs me for hello with a big smile on his face. 

I also had a stalker that day! I suddenly got notifications on Twitter where Lauren told me she could see me. She was in St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre taking pictures from above. Can you see me, too?

Of course I almost directly headed to Temple Bar because I didn’t want to miss them. Actually… it took ages until they started because first Kav was missing – the little Diva! – and when he arrived Harry and Glover were gone. And after they came back Kav was gone again. Luckily they all were at the same place after a while and the busking began. I was really lucky as I heard their new song “Carousel” for the first time (always missed it on Irish radio before). Really catchy! 

That day we took a lot of pictures and I got some really great ones this time ♥

I also got a group picture. Finally! When I told Glover that I finally wanted one as I know them for 2 ½ years and never got a picture with all of them he directly grabbed everybody so I could get one.

And I took some really nice shots of Jimi this time. For me he became the king of funny faces!

Unfortunately it was raining the next day so they weren't busking. I still had hopes to see them again on Monday though and luckily I found them at the end of Grafton Street again. I only got to see about 5 more songs because I spend so much time with another singer, but at least I got so see them again and could take a couple more pictures ♥ This time Harry directly asked me to take our picture. He also took the best picture of me and Glover and said "This is a beautiful picture" afterwards ♥ I really can't wait to see them 7 more times at the end of the year!

And of course I took pictures with all of them, several times, to be honest. I just wanted to make sure to have at least one nice picture with each lad - except Kav, as he left on Monday before I could take another picture! And I only got three pictures with Harry because my arm was too short on my first attempt :D He's just too tall for Selfies!

Harry (he directly asked to take the picture by himself :D)
Sam. Looking like he just got out of bed ;D
My favourite picture with Glover, ever ♥
My first try to take a Selfie with Harry. FAIL!
Glover ♥ You just have to love his smile!
Jimi ♥
Harry taking our picture ;) Same day as the "Fail-Picture"
Kav actually looks like a vampire :D
Sam :)
After this picture I noticed the glass of my phone broke over my Selfie-Camera... Still like this picture a lot!

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